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I can't connect to
1 if it's first time perhaps ssh problem or files protection on your home
2 try to log on
3 network problem , firewall
4 problem on ciclad (electricity , climatisation, other )
I can't save my file on /home
1 save it in another filesystem, place ( /tmp ...)
2 look on your quota using the quota command
I submit a job and it's stay in queue ?
● showq -b can help you
By error I have removed files in /data

qdel doesn't want to stop my job

this could be seen  when there is problem on node where your job was running

do a qstat -rn1 "Numjob" to see on which node it was running

then check-cluster to see if the node status is down

if this is the case mail to support problem on node xxx 

My shell script work in command line , not with qsub 

could be memory requirement see documentation

default memory per job  (mem) is 3G . Default virtual memory per job (vmem) is 4G.

in job output look on resources used

sample: (Resources Used: cput=00:07:23,mem=5688kb,vmem=40568kb,walltime=00:08:21)

missing library ,software  , disk space or hardware problem on node where your job run

in job output look on

Running Host:

Same jobs works sometime and sometime not
  look on output file to see on which node they run when they works and which node when it's not
working ( could be a problem on one node , hardware , filesystem full or missing library
  In case of submission of the problem to thanks to give us job number ,
place of script launched and also place of output of your jobs ( without this, we can't do something )

I'm in ssh on ciclad from  Mac OSX and after 15/20 minutes remote graphic  don't work anymore

try :

ssh  -o ForwardX11Timeout=168h -X user@host

PGI compiled code on ciclad-ng give error illegal intruction on some compute node 

use pgfortran -tp istanbul or pgfortran -tp x64 at compile time